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Home Page

The Home Page gives you limited access to free reports (there are many reports and features for members) as well as default listings of Top 10 Insider Index Ratings and the Top 25 Most Actively Traded stocks, two of the most useful "at-a-glance" sets of data. You also have limited access to other major areas of the site where you can view our products and services, find out about us or even send us a contact message.

For full access to the site, you can follow one of the links to Sign Up for an Account. Once signed up, you will have access to the My Account section in which you can set your user preferences and build watchlists and peer groups.

Once signed up for an account, simply login by filling in the provided fields with the User ID and Password you specified at signup. Check 'Remember My Login' to automatically login when you come to the site. If you have forgotten your password, simply follow the 'Forgot Your Password?' link and it will be emailed to your account email address.

Once logged in, your account home page is slightly different. You will be able to select from all of the report types to which your account type gives you access. You will also see your stock and filer watchlists which you can create by following the directions on the page.


The Reports section is where you will find access to all the useful research tools available to you. The Report types to which your account allows you access will be underlined. Report types that are not underlined are either not part of your account package or not applicable to your account type. To find out how to obtain access to more report types, contact one of our representatives at (516)945-0020.

Reports are conveniently broken down into steps. Step 1 is to select a report type from your list of available reports. Click the 'About' link next to each report group heading to learn more about each report type in that group. On the following page, you will see each of the next steps to create that report, including optional filters and views. You can enter companies or filers to search on or select one from one of your watchlists or peer groups, which you create in the process of setting your search criteria or in My Account. When you have set your search criteria, click 'Create Report' to view the results. On the results page, you can click 'Modify Search' to go back and change some or all of your search criteria.

If you have purchased an account with Microsoft Excel download access, you will see a 'Download to Excel' button which will download the search results to your computer's hard drive in Microsoft Excel format for saving or printing.

My Account

The My Account section is where you can change your account billing options (coming soon) and manage your user preferences to make your research faster and more efficient. You can edit watchlists and peer groups you made on your home page or in the report creation process, or you can create them right in My Account and they will be available wherever you need them. You can save time by specifying preset individual companies, filers or groups for quick selection when creating your reports.

Products & Services

In Products & Services, you can learn about every product we offer as well as planned and upcoming features and services to make your research more powerful, relevant and efficient.

About Us

In About Us, you can learn more about our company, including the history of the Argus Research Group, it's relation to Vickers Stock Research and ownership details.


Use the Contact area to send messages, questions or comments to us. Be sure to tell us what type of user you are so we can best address your needs.


We recommend that all of our users take a moment to read through the Help summary to get the most out of the Vickers Stock Research site. We also offer a set of Frequently Asked Questions for quick solutions to questions you may have while using the site.



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